About us


KIT envisions a world where everyone can realise their full health potential. Guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, our health unit works towards improving equity in health in the developing world by empowering people and strengthening countries’ health systems.


Health around the world is improving, but large groups of people are being left behind. Political instability, natural disasters and climate change leave many more vulnerable to exclusion..

To improve access to quality health services, KIT partners with local and national governments and international organisations, offering targeted advice and research and fresh insights based on a thorough understanding of each specific context. KIT’s multicultural health unit consists of a team of 40 health care professionals with knowledge and experience of working in the poorest countries.

In order to achieve the greatest impact, our team focuses on those areas where our expertise coincides with the greatest needs. As a result, assistance to countries challenged by conflict and climate and care for excluded populations have become a core area of focus, alongside the overall strengthening of health systems and their capacity to plan, provide, monitor and evaluate health care services.

We work at the interface of policy and practice, generating and applying context-specific, specialised knowledge, combined with training, all of which is designed to improve the quality of healthcare while extending availability and accessibility to all.

Other special focus areas include sexual and reproductive health, health rights and health programme design, monitoring and evaluation on behalf of governments, donors, non-governmental organisations and multilateral organisations such as the WHO and Unicef.

Continuous education is an essential part of our efforts to stay ahead of the learning curve in international health, and it works in a circular way. Through master’s degree programmes, short courses and institutional support, KIT equips health professionals to be leaders in addressing public health challenges around the world. In turn, health professionals attending KIT education courses, and KIT’s partners in the field, provide valuable feedback, insights and new knowledge that helps us all to improve our impact and insights at each stage of the way.

Clients appreciate our collaborative approach, as well as our in-depth international health care experience, and practical, proven solutions we deliver within their particular context.