The “Pap can save your life” Ixchen banner. Photo by Hermen Ormel


KIT provides a full range of evaluations, from informal participatory reviews, to large-scale, rigorous impact evaluations. We help our partners and clients to understand if and how their programmes, interventions or processes work – and their impact.

Tailor-made evaluation models

In a climate of diminishing funding, health programmes are increasingly asked to demonstrate their effectiveness. Evaluation is a powerful tool to assess the social and economic impacts, and to learn what works and why. Our expertise and track record in the area of evaluation makes us well-equipped to evaluate your work.

KIT uses mixed methods in design, data collection and analysis. We pay special attention to using the most suitable models, frameworks, tools and to assist our clients in translating findings into action.

Particular to the KIT approach are:

  1. Involving key stakeholders in the different evaluation phases including design, data collection and analysis, translation, validation, contextualization and publishing.
  2. Bringing together qualitative and quantitative researchers to allow for genuine integration of methods from the very start. This approach facilitates broader thinking about evaluation and genuine collaboration between experts with complementary expertise.
  3. Working hand-in-hand with local researchers and/or evaluators in facilitating capacity building.