Photo by Marjolein Dieleman

Facilitating policy formulation

The health of a population – and a country’s health system – are influenced by many societal actions and actors. These situations demand revision of existing policies, or the formulation of new ones. Our professional staff combine expertise in specific content areas with abilities to facilitate policy processes with a variety of clients and stakeholders.

Creating effective policies

Our work in this area is aimed at:

  • Supporting partners to design high impact, evidence-based policies that are context specific and feasible
  • Using a participatory approach to enhance exchange and collaboration
  • Building resilient institutions and relationships
  • Developing policies that are feasible, practical and implementable
  • Including – and strengthening the capacities of – stakeholders
  • Using a participatory approach to enhance dialogue and collaboration
  • Ensuring local ownership and giving the highest chance of success

Our clients include national, regional or district authorities, health insurance organizations as well as associations of public and/or private providers. We also work directly with multilateral organizations, bilateral donors and international NGOs.

Inclusivity and a broad range of topics

KIT Health will facilitate inclusive policy dialogues and ensure joint work on:

  • needs assessment, situation and stakeholder analysis
  • review of local, national and international evidence including cost-effectiveness
  • generation of local evidence including cost-effectiveness
  • setting the agenda for change
  • strategy design
  • scenario planning
  • stakeholder consultation
  • monitoring and evaluation

We support the development of policies on national or regional health and health systems. We also provide sector-specific input, on policies such as: basic package of services, financing strategies, HRH, disease-specific strategies, group-specific strategies targeting e.g. vulnerable populations, etc.