Institutional capacity building

Institutional capacity building

Our institutional capacity building work involves supporting a relevant health institution in accomplishing its institutional mandate over a medium term period. Clients include health training institutes, ministries of health or one of their departments, or public health research institutes.

Methods and goals

Institutional capacity building can help institutions to:

  • Clarify their mission
  • Develop primary and support processes, tools and systems
  • Build the skills of its workforce
  • Strengthen Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems for continuous improvement

Although capacity building and institutional strengthening are often the centrepiece of development programmes, these efforts can be wasted unless performance problems and ways to correct them are systematically analysed and addressed.

Our capacity building support:

  • Builds upon existing systems, practices, tools and capacities.
  • Is a collaborative and participatory processes
  • Is tailored to local context and institutional environment
  • Develops products and processes with a focus on continuous learning and improvement

We can help institutions of higher education to develop an innovative web-based curriculum, conduct hands-on training in practice and  facilitate peer-to-peer learning. We also assist them in quality assurance systems, in obtaining accreditation, and in establishing a research capacity to facilitate policy-to-practice. We offer health ministries the expertise to support planning departments in order to project future health workforce requirements.