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Linking and learning

KIT Health promotes knowledge generation and exchange at the interface of policy, research and practice. We use our longstanding experience as facilitators and our in-house health and social science expertise, in order to help the power of ideas influence the ideas of power.

How to link and learn

Our work focuses on both policy and practice for development. We create links between research and policy-making, and stimulate learning. We also bring key stakeholders together for dialogue and exchange, and translate initiatives between global, national and decentralized levels.

KIT Health uses a variety of knowledge management strategies, online Communities of Practice, and other innovative approaches to facilitate information sharing. We create ‘linking and learning’ opportunities between different individuals, organisations, sectors, communities, governments and others.

We participate in multiple international and national networks and platforms, including fulfilling the role of professional secretariat for a number of them. By supporting meaningful stakeholder dialogue and collaboration, we make a powerful contribution to equitable development.

Examples of our work

Current and past linking and learning projects include:

  • Initiating and hosting the Secretariat of the International Knowledge Platform on SRHR
  • Participation in the Steering Committee of the First and Second Global Symposia on Health Systems research, organized by WHO and partners in Montreux and Beijing in 2010 and 2012
  • Initiating and hosting the Secretariat of Share-Net ( for most of its existence. Appreciation of KIT as host is evidenced by the fact that after initial hosting (2001–2006), the Secretariat was rotated to another member organization but has returned to KIT since September 2008
  • Holding the Secretariat of the Multi-Country Programme on Social Science Research on HIV;
  • Hosting MDG5 Meshwork ( on maternal health;
  • Hosting the International Consortium for Research and Action Against health-related Stigma
  • Rotating hosting of the Health Insurance Platform
  • Developing the online library entitled ‘Search4dev’ ( for digital publications of Dutch organizations in the international development cooperation sector.
  • Hosting the Secretariat of the Health Insurance Platform for the Poor, a collaboration of Dutch health insurance companies, knowledge institutes, private parties and NGOs with the aim to analyse health insurance approaches in different contexts.
  • Participating at Board level in the Dutch Task Force Health Care, combining the collective force of the health industry, knowledge institutes and authorities with the aim to strengthen health systems with maximize use of Dutch expertise and technologies.
  • Participating in the Netherlands Platform for Global Health Policy and Systems Research, responsible for the development of the Dutch Global Health Systems Research Agenda implemented by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO/WOTRO).
  • Actively participating in the Community of Practice on Performance-Based Financing, a collaboration of over 1000 scientists, policy-makers and practitioners world-wide
  • Developing and maintaining numerous information portals providing access to selected, free full-text electronic publications and other Internet sources