Project Advisory

KIT Health can assist in both the design and implementation phase of projects. For project design KIT has the skills to perform needs assessment, project identification and formulation, and proposal development. For project implementation KIT has the capacity to coordinate and manage larger scale projects.

Thorough assessments for improved design

KIT’s multi-disciplinary staff are able to perform a variety of assessments, using quantitative and/or qualitative methods, to inform the formulation of new projects or programmes. These services can be offered to third parties, or can be the first steps of direct involvement in project formulation and proposal development.

Should a consortium for joint programme development be required, KIT is well networked to identify and liaise with potential partners. In the health field we have a wide range of connections around the globe with  governmental and non-governmental stakeholders including the private sector, several UN agencies and various global health initiatives.

KIT has the experience and capacity to manage larger scale projects that involve a number of different implementing partners. Management includes both responsibility for the achievement of the overall goal and objectives as well as financial administration and reporting.

KIT’s project advisory services include:

  • Quantitative and qualitative assessments
  • Project formulation and proposal development together with partners and other stakeholders
  • Assistance with (aspects of) project formulation and proposal development for third parties
  • Management of partner consortia
  • Acting as fund holder overseeing number of implementing partners
  • Design and implementation of appropriate M&E systems
  • Sound financial management