Strengthening health training institutes

Public health schools, medical faculties, paramedical schools and management training institutes are responsible for strengthening the capacities of people who work within health systems, including service providers, managers and health authorities. KIT supports training institutes in institutional and staff development as well as developing and implementing specific courses.

Institutional and staff training and development of training programmes

Training institutes are better able to fulfill their role if they gain knowledge about training needs in the health sector. Strategies for improving their ability to provide services include developing a strong profile and vision of their training methodology, having clear target groups, and developing mechanisms to assure the quality and applicability of their courses.

Having a business plan, a marketing strategy, well qualified human resources and strong networking with other institutes are also all crucial factors for greater enrolment.

Institutional, staff and course development

For most clients, these three focal areas overlap. KIT’s support is demand-driven and based on a situational analysis. We also foster North-South and South-South collaboration to support learning through exchange of experience.

Institutional development

We advise on business plans and marketing strategies for training institutes, and facilitate change in organizational culture and management practices. We also assist in setting up networks between institutes and conduct joint research on effective training to build the evidence base.

Staff development

We assist institutes in developing human resources policies and strategies for appropriate deployment and retention of training institute staff,  and enhancing the performance of staff. We can also advise on career development of teachers as well as strengthen capacity through courses and on-the-job training. Another service we provide is the facilitation of teacher exchanges between KIT and institutes in the South.

Development of training programmes

A fundamental service is assessing training needs and undertaking performance reviews and analyses. From these we are able to design and review curricula, modules – including e-learning materials. KIT Health also provides training for trainers, and develops tools for student assessments and teacher evaluations. We also offer quality assurance of training, and do training impact assessment.