Jurien Toonen

Jurrien Toonen

Senior Adviser

+31 (0)20 568 8714

Jurrien Toonen is perceived by clients as a seasoned advisor, with over 20 years of experience in health systems strengthening, focusing on:

  • governance/ accountability, incl. M&E systems and impact evaluation,
  • organising health services and health financing
  • health insurance and performance based financing.

His  experience stems from working through action-research at the interface between policy-making and implementation, working for public sector and private sector and for NGOs, supported by a wide variety of multi-and bi-lateral financing agencies. Always seeking to contribute in the battle against the social injustice that is in those in need, having no access to quality care.


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  • NIGERIA, for UNICEF, Team leader. Impact evaluation of UNICEF’s WASH program 2009-2013 in Nigeria through a mixed-methods approach
  • ZIMBABWE, FOR REBUILD funds (Funded by DFID), Coordinator KIT’s participation in a study on reviewing/ rethink health financing in Zimbabwe.
  • BENIN, GUINEA CONAKRY, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, for MUSKOKA (French Coop.): study on community accountability mechanisms in health, after 25 years Bamako Initiative
  • SENEGAL, for TRAction/ USAID, Principle Investigator for an action-oriented research on the effects of Performance Based Financing on the quality of the care that had been provided.
  • BURUNDI, CAMEROON, for World Bank, support to local partners, capitalising their experiences in Performance Based Financing, free health care, community involvement, public-private partnership
  • MALI, for MOH Mali, Coordinator of the MDG5/ PBF program – the MOH’ pilot program before scaling-up to country level of performance-based financing, TL for the impact evaluation.
  • BENIN for BTC (Belgian Technical Cooperation), Team Leader, Technical assistance to the program’s focus Universal Health Coverage (RAMU) and Performance Based Financing.
  • WORLD-WIDE for BTC: support to the capitalisation efforts of BTC and its partners, e.g. in Democratic Republic of Congo and Benin
  • GHANA, for the World Bank (2010 – 2012), Coordinator of the WB-support to the Ministry of Health to develop a national policy for the “Results Based Financing” in Ghana

Selected short term assignments that have ended

  • GHANA, For: Nuffic/ DGIS (2010 – 2012), Team coordinator training of the National Health Insurance Authority, the regulator of Ghana NHIS, for KIT, development of M&E system
  • DRC, Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania. In Rwanda (2008 – 2009), For: Cordaid (Dutch NGO); Coordinatorcoordination evaluation teams. Formative evaluation for lessons learning on implementing Performance Based Financing.
  • GHANA For: MOH (2009-2010), Team Leader. Support to the MOH of Ghana to study the political economy of human resource policy development.
  • EGYPT. For: MOHP, World Bank (2007, 2008), Lead Consultant, Support to the development of a monitoring system for the new National Health Insurance Fund, incl. impact evaluation.
  • Zambia (2007), Bangladesh (2005): For: DFID, Evaluation of DFID Country Program (CAP)
  • GHANA (2007), Burkina Faso (2005), MALI (2002), SENEGAL (2003), For World Bank/ pooled funds: Mid Term Reviews of National Health Plans of Work.
  • MALI For: European Commission (200 – 2002), Team leader, development of the Human Resource Development Policy for the Ministry of Health.