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Global Health Education

Study overview

KIT master’s programmes and short courses are an opportunity for health and development professionals to further develop their knowledge and skills. The short courses are practical, focused and complete in themselves. Most can also be taken as part of the Master in International Health.

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Course brochures

t is with great pleasure that we share KIT’s new courses brochure for 2019 with you. Our master programmes and advanced courses equip health professionals to address public health challenges around the world. We offer our courses at at our training facilities in Amsterdam, other locations in the world and through e-learning. In addition…

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Studying at KIT

KIT has offered training programmes on international public health since 1963. Currently this includes two International Masters Programmes and a wide range of short courses and online courses. The courses respond to current global developments in the health field. KIT’s courses are known for their practical applicability, the multidisciplinary approach and the interactive,…

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KIT equips health professionals to address public health challenges around the world. Through master programmes and short courses we provide training in global and public health, tropical medicine and hygiene, human resources for health, sexual and reproductive health and rights and disease management. Many people studied with us in the past 50 years and…

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Teaching and learning methods

We use a wide variety of teaching and learning approaches to ensure an optimal learning experience.

Problem-oriented courses

All our participants have relevant working experience, and we use this in our classes. We emphasize the practical application of the course content. As a participant, you will be asked to discuss and solve problems which are derived…

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Practical information

When you decide to study at KIT a number of practical matters need to be arranged. This page provides general practical information about studying at KIT. Detailed practical information about each course can be found under the course description.

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Fellowship information

Finding funding is one of the challenges faced by students wanting to study at KIT. Below are a few suggestions which may be useful.

Explore different options and apply early!
It is important to explore different options and apply to as many different scholarship agencies as possible. Most agencies offer just a few scholarships each year,…

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Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) (former NFP)

One possibility for obtaining a fellowship to study at KIT is through the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP), former Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP). This 5-year programme aims to advance the capacity, knowledge and quality of both individuals and institutions of higher and vocational education.

Important Note:

Update countries: The OKP regulations and list of countries for…

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Why study at KIT?

  • Up-to-date approach to complex public health issues
  • Practice oriented
  • Exchange between disciplines
  • Interactive education
  • Development of personal and professional competencies
  • Network building
  • Personal tutoring
  • Participants from diverse backgrounds and countries
  • Teachers: highly qualified specialists
  • Positively reviewed by tropEd
  • KIT: international centre of excellence in international health and development
  • Accredited by NVAO


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