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Master in International Health (MIH)

Start date: 11-09-2017

Location: Amsterdam

Duration: 1 year (FT); up to 5 years (PT)

The Master in International Health is a flexible, modular programme that aims to develop the capacity of professionals to work at the interface of international organizations and national health systems.

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Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine (NTC)

Start date: 11-09-2017

Location: Amsterdam

Duration: 14 weeks (Fulltime)

The Netherlands Course in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (NTC) prepares health professionals for work in developing countries. It is also the core course of the Master in International Health (MIH) programme.

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Erasmus+ Master in International Health

Start date: 11-09-2017

Location: Blended learning

Duration: 1 year

The Erasmus+ Master in International Health blended programme is a one year full time programme that requires you to only be 3 months away from home. It consists of three months core course at KIT after which advanced modules and thesis are done by e-learning at KIT in Amsterdam, Queen Margaret University, and Bergen University.

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Qualitative Methods in Health Systems Research (HSR)

Start date: 23-01-2018

Location: Amsterdam

Duration: 3 weeks

This course examines the strengths and weaknesses of different research approaches and methods and discusses which research methods should be used to answer certain health system research questions.

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Human Resources for Health (HRH)

Start date: 26-02-2018

Location: Amsterdam

Duration: 2 weeks

This course provides knowledge and skills that health care managers, policy makers and planners need for human resource management. It discusses strategies at country and workplace level to address health workforce issues.

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