Disease management

Disease Management

KIT has developed special expertise in disease control and management. With a broad range of action covering different aspects of systems strengthening (e.g. capacity building and training), health research (e.g. implementation, operational, and evaluation studies) and specific technical support (e.g. GIS, laboratory and diagnostic tools).

We have a solid track record of supporting disease control programmes and have developed specialised technical expertise in the fields of tuberculosis, leprosy and HIV/AIDS. This not only gives us a better understanding of how to integrate programmes, but also about how to stimulate the exchange of lessons learned and to combine best practices in these fields.

Beyond the bounds of the health system

The scope of our research activities go beyond the bounds of the health system. With our work we aim to, for example, understand the broad determinants of adherence to HIV and tuberculosis medication, while searching for improved strategies for treatment adherence as well as for preparedness at community and systems levels.

KIT has supported Ministries of Health and other international and sub-national institutions in the formulation of global and national policies. Furthermore, we have also supported local staff in the development of action plans for the practical implementation of such policies. Our support and facilitation takes the form of long-term technical assistance, consultancy advisory visits, tailor-made courses, operational research and evaluation missions, and more.

Focus areas: