Health System Strengthening

KIT is dedicated to facilitating access to healthcare to as many people as possible and to targeting strategies and resources to the poor and excluded. Our focus is on health systems strengthening and in this we support our partners at the national and local levels in low and middle-income countries. KIT’s health system strengthening advisors support governments, civil society organisations, the private sector and NGOs in their efforts to improve health sector performance. We help to design and evaluate countries’ health-care models and strategies, taking into account a wide spectrum of aspects relating to quality of care, human resources for health, health financing and governance, monitoring and evaluation and epidemiology systems and approaches. True to our commitment to help underserved areas and population, we have developed special and specific expertise in Health Systems in Fragile contexts.

Our main activity in health system strengthening entails improving and designing health-care models and strategies in tandem with our partners. Our assistance draws on many of our transferable skills and techniques:

  • Research
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Policy, project and institutional development advice
  • Technical advice
  • Capacity building and training programmes

All of our interventions provide valuable evidence for policy makers and practitioners on how best to allocate resources to achieve the highest possible impact.