Universal Health Coverage

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is the single most important challenge facing the international community in the 21st Century. KIT is committed to furthering this aim with our low- and middle-income partner nations.

Achieving the great moral objective of our age

UHC means access to health care which is free at the point of delivery and devoid of crippling financial repercussions. KIT is dedicated not only to the greatest access for the greatest number but also the targeting of strategies and resources to the poor, the vulnerable and the disenfranchised.

We intervene to help our partner countries design their health-care models and strategies. We employ many of our transferable skills and techniques to this end:

  • action research
  • policy development assistance
  • technical advice
  • capacity building programmes

We focus on the larger issues concerning UHC, including quality of care, human resources for health provision and governance. KIT also specialises in health-care financing. We employ a variety of approaches: results-based financing (RBF), health insurance, and costing and economic evaluations.

All of our interventions provide valuable evidence for policy makers on how to best allocate resources in our main sphere of intervention, the fragile states of Sub-Saharan and West Africa.

Focus areas: