Indonesia and Netherlands join forces to improve access to healthcare for 70 million people


12 December 2013
During the Dutch Trade Mission to Indonesia this November, chaired by Dutch Prime Minster Rutte and Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Ploumen, an important agreement was signed. The Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada and the Task Force Health Care (TFHC) have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to share and transfer knowledge on Universal Health Care (UHC) between Indonesia and the Netherlands, strengthen the UHC-related Center of Excellence in Indonesia, accelerate the process for UHC in Indonesia and support the monitoring and evaluation process of UHC in Indonesia.

KIT Director Health, Serge Heijnen, Member of the Board / Chairman Working Group on Indonesia: ‘I am honoured that we have been asked to contribute to this ambitious project. KIT and other partners within the Taskforce Health Care are proud to assist the Indonesian government and UHC-related Centre of Excellence in providing 70 million people with affordable health care within five years.’

KIT and Taskforce Healthcare

The Taskforce Health Care is a cooperation of Dutch knowledge institutes, healthcare industry, non-governmental organizations and Dutch Government Departments of Economic Affairs, Health, and International Trade & Development Cooperation with the aim to improve health and health systems in developing countries with maximum use of Dutch expertise and technology. KIT is member of the Taskforce Healthcare and provides world-wide expertise about UHC design and implementation to the Taskforce. KIT’s Serge Heijnen is chairman of the Taskforces working group on Indonesia. KIT is proud to join forces with private parties and governments to tackle complex challenges in International Health that have a significant impact on people’s health and social stability.

Universal Health Coverage

More and more countries are adhering to the principle of universal health coverage (UHC); the goal that all people obtain the good quality health services they need without the risks of financial hardship linked to paying for them. Providing access to insurance packages can be a way to reach this goal.

Unique form of collaboration

The Netherlands has introduced a new system of health care insurance which gives all citizens access to insurance packages at affordable costs. Indonesia has been mandated by law to implement universal health coverage (UHC) by January 1, 2014. Therefore, while Indonesia is implementing the transition, a knowledge management platform is needed to share knowledge and collect information on all practices and reflections during this change-over period to improve the process during this reform. The development of a knowledge sector platform on UHC between the Netherlands and Indonesia is seen as a strategic bilateral and mutual collaboration. It will be a unique form of collaboration. It will have an impact on the health reform process in Indonesia but will also contribute to the knowledge production and dissemination of UHC in the world.

Needs based activities

Universitas Gadjah Mada and TFHC will jointly develop some or all of the activities based on a needs base to provide optimal support to reach the ambitious goals. Some examples of expected activities are:

A feasibility study in the region of Jogjakarta to assess the primary health care and referral system within the new context of UHC;
knowledge-sharing and evidence-based policy discussion on UHC and
knowledge exchange visits and short course(s) for Indonesian officials/ researchers to study the development and organization of UHC, the role of research, monitoring and evaluation.

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