Innovating ways of working


KIT has changed and the Unit Sustainable Economic Development and Gender adopts new ways of working that suit the new commercial approach to fostering inclusive development worldwide.

Meeting demands

Bart de Steenhuijsen Piters, manager: “we work in teams and with individual targets which encourage a commercial and pro active attitude among our advisors. We also invested in our office environment. Flexible spaces welcome interaction between disciplines and create an open and entrepreneurial atmosphere between my staff. I believe this also offers our clients what they want: high quality advice, based on knowledge derived of interdisciplinary teams, that makes a difference.”


First results are promising. De Steenhuijsen Piters: “we are looking at a positive result for this pilot year, without any subsidies. We have recruited new people to achieve our ambitions. In the first part of 2014 we were not only contracted by previous clients but also found access to promising new markets. I strongly believe the time has come to move away from thinking that sustainable economic development and gender are something special that only belong in the department of Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (CSR) and NGO’s.”

Increasing Impact & performance

KIT sustainable economic development & gender offers economic knowledge that helps clients not only have an impact on food security, improving livelihoods and access to markets. Companies that practice inclusive development strategies perform better cross- sector, and therefore KIT’s services apply to the heart of each commercial enterprise. Clients like the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Gatsby Association and World Fish have recognized that and the Unit just signed new contracts with each of them.

Our track record

De Steenhuijsen Piters: “to share our knowledge and inform clients about what we can offer we developed this new website. We welcome you to have a look at our publications & ongoing projects.”