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Gender Equality & Social Justice

KIT Institute is dedicated to the realisation of gender equality and social justice. We operate at the intersection of theory, policy, and practice to put gender equality firmly at the forefront of global economic and social development goals. Our work facilitates and supports critical reflection on gender equality, women and girls’ rights, and empowerment and leadership—while working across a range of sectors, themes and organisations.

Over the past decades, we have gained recognition as an institute that moves beyond conventional gender and development approaches. We aim to re-invigorate gender work in development by remaining focused on its transformative potential.

We are pushing the boundaries for gender equality

Our gender specialists support organisations, agencies and companies that have an emerging interest and growing awareness in exploring and strengthening how their work can take gender equality into account, and more explicitly and intentionally become gender-sensitive and responsive. We work with those partners that have a strong interest in pushing the boundaries for gender equality and social justice, and who seek to contribute to transformative change and women and girls’ empowerment and leadership by focusing on systemic change in gender relations.

Our work explores the intersection of gender and social inequality

Our aspiration is to challenge our partners and clients in a supportive way to develop and implement approaches that lead to substantial, transformative and sustainable changes in women and girls’ lives, and contribute to gender equality and social justice. We do so by supporting the application of gender analysis in their work, and by exploring the intersections of gender with age, sexuality and other social markers of inequality. This intersectional gender analysis serves as the basis for developing gender sensitive and transformative programmes, approaches, interventions and internal organisational processes and structures.

Our approach begins with your questions

Our methodology is participatory, learner-centred and designed to achieve and sustain incremental steps towards development interventions that work for both women and men. We start with your questions, and seek to deepen these so as to expand your perspective and engagement. This approach facilitates critical reflection at the interface between practice, policy and theory, inspired by feminist theory and pedagogy, intersectionality and social justice. We make gender equality concepts and aspirations real, applicable and relevant for development practitioners, policy makers and researchers.

From the field to the boardroom

We work with operational staff as well as decision makers and managers working equally in the field as well as in the boardroom. KIT has a team of gender specialists from different disciplinary backgrounds with solid experience in gender and feminist analysis, transformative learning and participatory approaches. In our projects and gender knowledge work, we collaborate with partners and research associates worldwide.

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Feminist Edge

Feminist Edge is a Professional Development Programme for Gender Trainers. It focusses on the practice and theory of gender training. Interested?

Our services

We offer a tailor-made package addressing programmatic, organizational, institutional, technical and political capacity, gender knowledge, and resourcing and accountability aspects of gender transformative change processes, as appropriate.

  • Knowledge management

    Development and research organisations are often so focused on achieving their objectives that they find it difficult to create time to look back, analyse and learn from what they experienced and share their results.

  • Education, training and coaching

    There is probably no better contribution towards sustainable development than investing in people and building capacities at all levels. KIT Royal Tropical Institute plays a major role in this by offering a range of education and capacity building services, from formal education at masters level to client-oriented training and coaching support. Our training and coaching programmes are tailor-made to address the unique objectives and capacities of the requesting organisation.

  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment

    Monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment are powerful tools to assess health, social, and economic impact. They allow us to learn what works and why. Our expertise and track record in these areas make us well-equipped to evaluate your work.

Advancing Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment

Gender Equality Topics

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