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Strengthening Health Systems

KIT’s Health Systems Strengthening team works to improve the cohesion and performance of health systems as a means to provide all people with equitable access to quality health services. Our work focuses on the health systems of low-and middle-income countries (LMIC), as well as states experiencing fragility, conflict and violence.

Advancing Universal Health Coverage

Effective health systems are essential to achieve universal health coverage (UHC), one of the key targets of the sustainable development goals. Strong and resilient health systems enable countries to respond to shocks, such as Ebola, Zika and COVID-19, while continuing to deliver essential health services and protect against infectious and non-communicable diseases. 

Our approach to health systems strengthening 

Our team facilitates the complex, multi-stakeholder processes of health system re-design. Understanding and incorporating the voices of the people and communities that rely on health systems is central to our approach.  

Our work is grounded in three primary services, which together contribute to more effective and sustainable health systems:  

What makes a good health system?

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Strengthening Health Systems topics

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Our team & expertise

Our multidisciplinary team has decades of experience facilitating health system re-design in a diversity of contexts around the world. We come from a wide range of disciplines—as health scientists, political scientists, global health specialists— and specialise in bringing together different forms of knowledge that transcend disciplinary boundaries: the knowledge of communities, healthcare professionals and policy makers. We also draw on the expertise of KIT advisors working in epidemiology, sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender.

Our work emphasises the following approaches and methods: 

Our partners
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Strengthening Health Systems Projects

  • Afghan Health: Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Institute
    • Project

    The Afghan Ministry of Public Health requested a third party monitoring & evaluation of its national health services. It was assigned to KIT Royal Tropical Institute by means of a health facility functionality assessment, drug quality assessment, health management information system verification, household surveys and results-based financing assessment. As of 2003, Afghanistan established a novel […]

  • Health Pooled Fund

    • Institute
    • Project

    South Sudan has experienced significant levels of fragility, conflict and violence for nearly half a century. It is estimated that over 400,000 lives have been lost since 2013 due to conflict and millions more have been displaced. With limited access to basic health services, it has some of the worst health indicators in the world, […]

  • Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition in Sierra Leone: Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices, and Barriers

    • Institute
    • Project

    Malnutrition and undernutrition remains a serious health problem for many mothers, infants and children in Sierra Leone. In 2019, KIT conducted a national study to better understand men’s and women’s knowledge, attitudes and practices towards children’s development and wellbeing, with an emphasis on nutrition.  Behavioural Change Communication  This study was designed to help the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation develop a Behavioural Change Communication strategy […]

  • Perform2Scale: Contributing to Universal Health Coverage in Ghana, Malawi and Uganda

    • Institute
    • Project

    Perform2Scale was a five year research project designed to develop and evaluate a sustainable approach to scaling up a district-level Management Strengthening Intervention (MSI) in Malawi, Uganda, and Ghana. Through context analysis and process evaluation, KIT Royal Tropical Institute helped the scale-up of the MSI to respond to different and changing decentralised contexts across these […]

  • Evaluating UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development Programme in Palestine

    • Institute
    • Project

    Between 2019 and 2020, KIT evaluated a multi-sector programme led by UNICEF to improve early childhood development services for children living with disabilities in vulnerable districts of the West Bank and Gaza. Early Child Development is a Priority for Palestine The State of Palestine has suffered from violence and protracted displacement for more than 50 […]

  • Cash and Voucher Assistance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Settings and Fragile States

    • Institute
    • Project

    Cash and voucher assistance (CVA) refers to programs where cash or vouchers, exchangeable for goods or services, are directly provided to community members. CVA can help improve access to and the utilisation of health services, by reducing direct and indirect financial barriers and incentivising the use of free preventive services. There is also a growing […]


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