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Human Resources for Health

KIT Institute contributes to universal health coverage (UHC) by conducting research and providing training and advice on policy, planning and management of the health workforce.

More and more countries aim for universal health coverage (UHC) of their populations, which requires a health workforce that is available, accessible and well-performing. Major issues to consider in achieving this are:

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Designated by WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated KIT as a Collaborating Center for Human Resources for Health. KIT supports the development of evidence-informed and feasible strategies to improve the access to competent, motivated health staff. We do so by generating evidence,  sharing knowledge and best practices, through training and policy advice.

In our work we focus on doctors, nurses and midwives, but also on allied and auxiliary health workers, community health workers and traditional health practitioners. We believe that strategies should be context-specific and we strive to find solutions that can evolve from and are feasible within the existing health system.

As multiple stakeholders and sectors are involved in the training, recruitment, deployment and management of health workers we work with a wide range of stakeholders, from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Civil Service through labour unions and professional associations, from health training institutes to private and public sector employers, and from health workers to patients and users. By facilitating dialogues between these stakeholders, we aim to support the development of feasible interventions that have a broad support-base and will have a positive impact on the health of the population.

We provide support to policy makers and managers as they develop their plans to implement change. We also support change by building the capacity of stakeholders to assume new roles and responsibilities.

All countries can accelerate health gains by investing in and managing their health workforce more strategically.

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  • HRH Workforce Planning and Forecasting for UHC

    • Institute
    • Project

    KIT is working in Togo, Guinea, Benin, and Burkina Faso to improve their quality of maternal and child health services through workforce planning and forecasting. Feasible interventions have been implemented through collaboration and information sharing between stakeholders. This is part of a move towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Projections and analysis With more countries adhering […]

  • REACHOUT: Improving Close-to-Community Care Globally

    • Institute
    • Project

    REACHOUT generates knowledge to develop the role of close-to-community providers of healthcare in preventing, diagnosing, and treating major illnesses and health conditions in rural and urban areas in Africa and Asia. An ambitious international research project Close-to-community providers are health workers who carry out promotional, preventive or curative health services. They are often the first […]

  • Evaluation of the Decade For Strengthening Human Resources for Health (2015-2024) in the WHO South-East Asian Region

    • Institute
    • Project

    KIT Institute and Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD) conducted a formative evaluation, to learn from the achievements of the last ten years, and identify remaining issues for health workforce strengthening in the region.

  • Assessing the scalability of a health management-strengthening intervention at the district level: a qualitative study in Ghana, Malawi and Uganda

    • Institute
    • Publication

    The scale-up of successfully tested public health interventions is critical to achieving universal health coverage. To ensure optimal use of resources, assessment of the scalability of an intervention is recognized as a crucial step in the scale-up process. This study assessed the scalability of a tested health management-strengthening intervention (MSI) at the district level in […]

  • Strengthening HRH Planning and Management in Moldova

    • Institute
    • Project

    Moldova faces an enormous emigration of health professionals especially to the EU and US. The Moldovan Ministry of Health and the Observatory for Human Resources for Health (HRH) therefore approached KIT to help them improve human resource management skills in order to motivate health workers to remain in Moldova. Training to Remain KIT examined the […]

Short course: Human Resources for Health

This course provides knowledge and skills that health care managers, policy makers and planners need for human resource planning and management.

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