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KIT is delighted to partner with ECTMIH2023 in Utrecht this year! The conference will be from 20 to 23 November, and we look forward to collaborating with them to deliver their vision for 2023.

Grappling with a rapidly changing planet and deteriorating climate

The theme for 2023 will be: Shaping the future of equitable and sustainable planetary health

Given the rise in extreme weather events across the globe and the resulting loss of thousands of lives, we need to take urgent action to deal with the extensive damage that humans have caused. We need to acknowledge that our health is inextricably linked to the health of the planet.

As KIT, our aim at ECTMIH 2023, is to contribute our knowledge and expertise to improve the understanding, and appreciate the connections between tropical medicine, global health, and the urgent field of planetary health.

We will host ten sessions, give presentations and even host a post-conference Power of Knowledge (PoK) discussion at our historical building in Amsterdam. We hope our contributions will form the building blocks on which together we can build on global health traditions to emphasise the importance of health equity and universal health coverage to ensure that all populations – and especially those in low(er) resource settings – have optimal chances of health and wellbeing. 


About the Conference

ECTMIH: European Conference on Tropical Medicine and International Health 2023 

The European and Dutch Societies for Global Health and Tropical Medicine, Knowledge Centre Global Health, and University Medical Center Utrecht are hosting the 13th European Congress on Global Health.

The conference, will be preceded by the ECTMIH Academy, a day full of workshops and training sessions on Sunday 19 November. Participants will also be able to join post-conference activities in Amsterdam at KIT Royal Tropical Institute, like the session Power of Knowledge at ECTMIH.

KIT’s Sessions at ECTMIH2023

Pre Conference – ECTMIH Academy – Sunday 19 November

Thematic areaTitlePresentation by
Planetary health and health systemsBridging research integrity and fairness in global health epidemiology Sandra Alba, Ingrid Zuleta and Mahdi Abdelwahab
Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)Innovative youth-participatory research approaches in SRHRHannah Kabelka and Marielle LeMat

Tuesday 21 November

Thematic areaTitlePresentation byTime
Sexual and reproductive health and rightsMother and child health care
in Afghanistan
Margo van Gurp, Abdul Majeed Siddiqi, Nasrat Ansar, Egbert Sondorp, and Sandra Alba1330
Planetary health and health systemsGeospatial methods for health service delivery in the era of climate changeMirjam Bakker, Marc van den Homberg, Fleur Hierink, Nicolas Ray, and Ente Rood 1330
Planetary health and health systemsHow to scale up novel health
Mirjam Bakker, Beatrice Kirubi,Egbert Sondorp, Aniek Woodward, Esmee Hessel, and Stephen John1030
Planetary health and health systemsFighting poor-quality medicineNima Yaghmaei, Sandra Alba, Elisabeth Kleipool, Amalia Hasnida, and Maarten Kok1530
Planetary health and health systemsSimulation of social justice: how games demonstrate health equityMahdi Abdelwahab and Dinu Abdella1215
Planetary health and health systemsReflecting on global health discourseKarin Gross, Jani Puradiredja, Lisa Hoffaeller, and Francine Egbert1530

Wednesday 22 November

Thematic areaTitlePresentation byTime
Sexual and reproductive health and rightsWhen the climate impacts our sexual and reproductive health and rights: linking research, policy & practiceAnke van der Kwaak, Emilie Peeters, Malachi Ochieng Arunda, and Judith Brusselmans1030
Planetary health and health systems Subnational burden estimation: methods and applications for locally tailored public health programme planningChristina Mergenthaler and Ente Rood1715

Thursday 23 November

Thematic AreaTitlePresentation byTime
Planetary health and health systems Strengthening strategic planning and data for decision making in fragile and conflict-affected settingsEelco Jacobs, Nima Yaghmaei, Sandra Alba, and Abimbola Olaniran1615
Sexual and reproductive health and rightsSexual and reproductive health and rights integration in medical curricula for equitable and rights-based health around the globeIrene de Vries, Anke van der Kwaak, Ba Sidi Yaya, Anne Vervoort, Prisca Zwanniken, and Rafal Zadykowicz1330
Lunch SessionFrom Beriberi To Obesity – 100 years of the Eijkman Medal FoundationMiriam Bakker, Teun Bousema, and Bryan Gonzales1215-1315

Post conference – Friday 24 November

Witness in Stone tour Maarten9000
Planetary health and health systems Power of Knowledge: “Enacting climate action and response through meaningful partnerships”Ingrid Zuleta, Nicole Moran, and Hector Chavez1030

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