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21st Century Skills

Webinar Series: Intercultural Communication

Millennials have introduced different needs, skills and attitudes to the workforce. This generation is increasingly looking for purpose and happiness in their work and have a heightened focus on personal development. This has influenced organisational models and the skills and attitudes required for employees to be successful. Within organisations, there has been a growing mindset of entrepreneurship and being critical instead of accepting things at face value. 

What are 21st Century Skills? How can we take these 21st century skills into consideration within our working environment? What is important to know about the 21st century attitude and work culture? How can we develop and accommodate these skills? How can we increase an understanding among an intercultural and inter-generational workforce?

Over the course of 45 minutes, Els Brouwer and Edith Punt discussed these questions and more about 21st Century Skills.

Speaker: Els Brouwer

Executive Director at Projob Company Onboarding

Els Brouwer is an experienced Labour market specialist and director working in an ever-changing labour market. Her approach is result-oriented, creative and cooperative in providing qualitative services and communication.

Speaker: Edith Punt

HR Business Partner in Intercultural Effectiveness

Edith Punt works worldwide with our colleagues and external relations. She has an inspiring practical approach towards a virtual workplace in international and intercultural projects.

Broadcast Date: 7th May 2020

Watch and listen to the webinar below: