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Brewing Equality: Empowering Agronomists to improve Gender Equality

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Join us for a coffee break with Ana Victoria Portocarrero, senior gender advisor at KIT Royal Tropical Institute. Ana Victoria will give us an insight into a programme set up by  Nespresso and KIT that tackles gender inequality in coffee production. This program has been implemented in numerous countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. This video explores the effects of the program in Huila, a breath-taking coffee region in Colombia.

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In our series, “Coffee Stories”, we break down complex development issues with insights from our work and inspiring tales from the people in the field. Discover what is behind your favourite blend and learn how we can make a difference in the coffee sector and beyond.

So, enjoy your cup of coffee, support brands and initiatives that ensure gender equality for those who bring you that delightful brew.

Cheers! ☕️

We thank to the farmers, agronomists and employees of EKB and Nespresso involved in the production of this video.

This video was partly funded with support from Nespresso.

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