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Corporate Values in a Cross-Cultural Context

Webinar Series: Intercultural Communication

Values are interpreted differently across various cultures and situation. For example, the concept of equality in a Dutch mindset will differ from equality in a Chinese mindset. Your corporate values, even when created by a multi-cultural team and supported with what you consider international symbols, will often be understood and implemented differently in various cultures. In the current global situation we find ourselves in, we can all witness great examples of how ‘taking responsibility’ is interpreted differently across cultures.

How can we create international corporate values, what should you look for? How can we ensure we effectively share and apply our corporate values across cultures? What are some corporate value bloopers that we should avoid?

Over the course of 45 minutes, Simone Buijzen presents the issues regarding the creation of corporate values and their cross-cultural translation, and discusses the effective and ineffective ways of sharing and applying your corporate values in an intercultural context.

Speaker: Simone Buijzen

Freelance trainer/coach/consultant for KIT Intercultural Professionals and TED Speaker

She is an expert in the field of cross cultural marketing strategy and internal and external business communication. Her widespread cultural and commercial market research in Asia Pacific provides her with in-depth knowledge on the effective (or ineffective) use of cultural values

Date: April 16th 2020

Watch and listen to the webinar below: