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Festive Opening Ceremony KIT Master’s Programmes

Welcome to KIT Royal Tropical Institute!

Yesterday the opening ceremony for the master’s in International Health and master’s of Public Health took place in our beautiful historical building, marking the moment when a diverse group of students from 27 countries officially started their studies at KIT.

Samreen Hussain, course participant from India, said, “Each one of us is grateful to be here. To accomplish, to gain skills; skills which will help our careers but more importantly enable us to work towards improving the health systems of the countries we live or work in, give us more power through increased technical know-how to influence policies and strategies, and the interventions that follow. We wish that our time here is also filled with broadening our minds through enriching conversations and having friends across the globe to support each other during and beyond this master’s programme.”

We wish all of our students the very best during what will be an intensive year of sharing experiences and learning new skills, all of which will help you to improve health in your home countries and across the world. And we are very happy that this is all possible in person again at KIT!

Thanks to Nuffic Global Development #OrangeKnowledge Programme, and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, KIT Scholarship Fund and its donors, Joint Japan/World Bank scholarship programme and all the other organisations whose support makes this possible.

KIT Scholarship Fund

This year a record 9 health professionals started their master’s degree programme at KIT with a scholarship from the KIT Scholarship Fund.

Aisha from Yemen, Sari from Palestine, Paramita and Barra from Indonesia, Catherine and Darlen from Malawi, Eliza from Nepal, Ali from Pakistan, and Nyasha from Zimbabwe are all studying for their master’s degree at KIT. What they all have in common is their engagement and commitment towards improving health and health care in their home countries and around the world.

Through the KIT Scholarship Fund, we raise money to help talented health professionals from low-income countries to study for a master’s degree in Public or International health at KIT. With their new knowledge and skills, they can play an important role in improving the health situation in their home country – something that is needed now more than ever. So supporting one student can have an impact on the lives of many more.

We are grateful to our donors who made this possible! Read more information about the new scholarship-fund students on our website.

Would you like to support this cause or want to know more? Thank you for your support!
Read more about KIT Scholarship Fund or donate directly: KIT Scholarship Fund.