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Tailor-Made Training on Management and Leadership

In our first face-to-face training in over a year, our advisors Elisabeth Kleipool and Ankie van den Broek facilitated a tailor-made training on management and leadership together with Kelfala Kamara (Masanga Hospital Sierra Leone) at Lion Heart Medical Centre, Yele, Sierra Leone.

Fifteen participants were recruited from three hospitals (Masanga Hospital, Magburaka hospital and Lion Heart Medical Centre) and the District Health Management Team in Tonkolili District. All of them had already been were vaccinated through the Covax program!

The course consists of three parts:

  1. One week of intensive interactive training based on adult education principles
  2. Three weeks of field exercises
  3. A final week of classroom training.

Elisabeth Kleipool: “We had an intensive and inspiring week of tailor-made training with this group of highly-motivated health workers. The training focused on further developing their managerial and leadership skills, with a lot of attention for (self)reflection and systems thinking. Following our adult-learning principles, we made extensive use of the participants’ own experiences, did a lot of exercises, and provided practical tools that can be applied in their daily work. We look forward to our continuing training with this group!”


Amara Musa (SECHN/nurse-in-charge):

“The training has already improved my daily planning activities, for example, l can now categorize urgent, important, non-important, and non-urgent activities, which helps me with my daily work. The training has also enabled me to identify the root cause of any problem by using the fishbone method and has improved my leadership style. Thank you all for bringing this positive change into my life.”

Alhaji Sheku Koroma (Public Health Superintendent/District IPC supervisor):

“The leadership training has helped me to improve my daily operational plan by using the planning model. Now I know the work should be done according to plan activity. It has also guided me to understand the mechanism of motivation and it will help to achieve organizational goals. I used to think that all paid employees working in my unit should not benefit from anything extra because their motivation came from receiving their salary. But after the training, when staff motivation was implemented, my unit realized much inspiration and enthusiasm in achieving our daily activity target. Thanks to KIT for making this positive change in my managerial roles.”

Our thanks to Lion Heart Foundation for hosting the course and to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for funding the training through the Nuffic Orange Knowledge Programme.