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Taking a gender sensitive approach to promote child development in coffee and cocoa value chains

Webinar Series: Gender in Cocoa and Coffee

In 2016, the initiative organized an international multi-stakeholder conference hosted by FAO in Rome on inclusive and gender-sensitive coffee and cocoa value chains. The initiative aims to continue the cross-fertilization and learning between the coffee and cocoa sector as well as between different coffee and cocoa-producing regions and countries. A series of webinars will explore the overlapping ambitions of actors involved in women’s empowerment in the coffee and cocoa sector.

Webinar Three

In the third webinar of the Gender in Cocoa and Coffee Initiative, we explore the relationship between gender and child protection.

The webinar highlights two gender sensitive approaches to child development and child education using village savings and loans associations.


Date: 24th March 2020

Watch and listen to the webinar below:

Digital Digest

In the Digital Digest about Gender and child protection you will find the following content:

  1. A summary of the webinar on gender, child development and child labour in coffee and cocoa
  2. The webinar presentations and webinar recording, in case you missed the live event
  3. Responses to audience questions that we could not address during the webinar
  4. Further reading and resources


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