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The Dutch Government launches a new ‘Global Health Hub’ to address growing challenges in global healthcare

The Dutch Ministries of Health Welfare and Sport, and Foreign Affairs launched the Global Health hub in The Hague last week. The Hub is a part of the Dutch Government’s global health strategy. It unites knowledge institutes, academics, NGOs, top sectors, young people, innovators, and think tanks actively working towards equal access to healthcare.

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Uniting the different actors and stakeholders is a crucial aspect of the implementation of this strategy. “The challenges we face are comprehensive, and we must address them in every possible way. Collaboration is crucial, not only among countries but also among government departments and various sectors. We need the expertise of knowledge institutions, non-governmental organizations, and both public and private partners,” explained the Minister of Health, Ernst Kuipers, at the launch.

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KIT’s CEO Henri van Eeghen was also at the launch in The Hague. KIT will be an active part of the hub. We know we need to join forces to increase investment in healthcare and make it accessible to all. Through these collaborations, we hope to strengthen the global health architecture and national health systems and ensure they are sustainable and resilient to climate change.

On behalf of KIT, Henri also signed the Global Health Pact on the day to demonstrate our commitment to this goal.

“The ambitions of the Global Health Hub align with the ambitions of KIT very well – more collaboration across different actors and sectors thereby realising a greater impact. We applaud the initiative from our two ministries and are looking forward to the next steps,” said Henri.