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There is a system in the madness – The 7 Mental Images of National Culture and the Corona Virus

Webinar Series: Intercultural Communication

The Dutch approach to the Corona Virus differs from the interventions in China, Korea and France. It is a challenge to make a fact-based comparison between the approaches of countries with regard to the Corona pandemic. For this webinar we invited Huib Wursten to analyse some of these Corona approaches by using his model “7 Mental Images of National Culture”. The model of the 7 Mental Images of National Culture describes culture clusters with specific approaches to management, politics and society.

In this webinar Huib shows why official policies that seem to be very similar are still very culture specific and have a different effect due to cultural bias. Edith Punt moderates this session with Huib Wursten, where the 7 Mental Images of National Culture are introduced as a way to understand specific approaches to the Corona Virus in different geographical regions. (However, we also keep in mind that this model is only one point of view and that there are many perspectives to this subject).

Speaker: Huib Wursten

Huib Wursten studied educational psychology at the Amsterdam University and specialized in advising companies and supra-national organizations in how to manage global teams. Since 1989 he has been working in this field with companies in 85 countries on all continents. Huib has a long experience in translating international and global strategies and policies into practical consequences for management.  

Speaker: Edith Punt

Edith Punt is the HR Business Partner at KIT Intercultural Professionals. She holds over 30 years of experience as a consultant and trainer in Asia, the USA and multiple countries in Europe. 

Broadcast Date: 30th July 2020

Watch the webinar here:

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