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CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research

In January 2016, CGIAR established the CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research, hosted by the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions and Markets and coordinated by KIT Royal Tropical Institute. The Platform aims to increase the visibility, impact and quality of CGIAR gender research, while advancing a system-wide research agenda on gender, aqua/agriculture and natural resource management.

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Supporting gender research through collaboration & strategic partnerships

The Platform supports gender research through collaboration with the 15 international agricultural and natural resource management research centers and 12 research programs that comprise the CGIAR system. It also does so through strategic partnerships and activities that include:

Capacity development & communication activities

The Platform is also engaged in capacity development and communication activities, including:

Under KIT’s coordination, the Platform is being upgraded to a full-fledged CGIAR Platform, which substantially increases the annual budget and enables the Platform to grow in scope in the coming years. Three scientific conferences have been held on CGIAR gender research.

Most notably, between 2-4 April, 2019, the Platform will host the Seeds of Change Conference, the first co-convened conference with partners University of Canberra and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research.

Several publications are also in progress, including:

The CGIAR team at KIT

KIT Senior Advisor Rhiannon Pyburn coordinates the Platform with a small core team including Andrea Vos (assistant to the coordinator) and Ewen Le Borgne (Communication & Knowledge Management Advisor). The team is supported by other KIT advisors on ongoing Platform activities: Marcelo Tyszler (gender and big data), Anouka van Eerdewijk (engendering data and methods blog co-editing). Others are brought in for specific inputs, for example: Franz Wong and Julie Newton (contributions to a paper on Gender Transformative Approaches in agriculture); Silvia Sarapura and Sandra Quintero (acting as external evaluators of proposals for annual calls for gender research).

  • International knowledge networks and platforms

    In an increasingly globalised and complex world, international learning, communication and collaboration around global development challenges are major avenues for realising impact. Rapid developments in Information & Communication Technology are opening new opportunities for international networking and learning.

  • Knowledge management

    Development and research organisations are often so focused on achieving their objectives that they find it difficult to create time to look back, analyse and learn from what they experienced and share their results.

  • Education, training and coaching

    There is probably no better contribution towards sustainable development than investing in people and building capacities at all levels. KIT Royal Tropical Institute plays a major role in this by offering a range of education and capacity building services, from formal education at masters level to client-oriented training and coaching support. Our training and coaching programmes are tailor-made to address the unique objectives and capacities of the requesting organisation

  • Policy & Programme Design

    KIT Royal Tropical Institute operates at the intersection of theory and practice and between policy and implementation, translating good intentions into meaningful social and economic impact.

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