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SDG-Targeted Impact Framework for Impact Loan eXchange

KIT Royal Tropical Institute supports Loan eXchange (ILX) in developing the fund’s impact strategy. 

ILX serves as an impact investment platform through which leading institutional investors – such as European pension funds – can co-invest with Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in high SDG-targeted impact. KIT works alongside ILX in the design of their impact strategy, management practices and reporting methodologies.

KIT offers a series of activities with the aim of understanding and articulating the extent to which DFIs’ impact investing strategies and reporting mechanisms align with those of Dutch Pension Funds. As part of the project, KIT developed an SDG mapping methodology to report SDG-related impact to investors; case studies to serve as proof of concept and a reporting methodology that follows the Sustainable Development Investment (SDI) focus and considers key fundamentals developed by Impact Project Management.

Services delivered

  • Policy & Programme Design

    KIT operates at the intersection of theory and practice and between policy and implementation, translating good intentions into meaningful social and economic impact. Our professional staff combine expertise in specific content areas with the ability to offer a diverse suite of advisory services, including policy and programme design and implementation.