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Fenomenal Funds Learning Partner

June 2023 – May 2025

Fenomenal Funds (2019-2025) is a five-year feminist funder collaborative that aims to decolonize philanthropic spaces and shift power through pooled, flexible core funding for women’s funds globally. Fenomenal Funds have been working with close to 50 women’s funds from the Prospera International Network of Women’s Funds (INWF), using a shared governance model and participatory grant-making.  

KIT is the Learning Partner for the Fenomenal Funds collaborative. As such KIT is accompanying Fenomenal Funds, its stakeholders and the involved feminist and women’s funds in a joint-learning journey. In 2023, KIT designed, through a collaborative process of co-creation, a Learning Plan for the initiative, based on feminist principles of participation, care and inclusivity. Throughout 2024 and 2025, KIT will be assisting and facilitating reflections and storytelling concerning Fenomenal Funds, its stakeholders and the women’s funds’ experiences with the initiative, through the elaboration of case studies.

These case studies are co-created with a select number of women’s funds who have received grants from Fenomenal Funds. The case studies will reflect on the experiences of the women’s funds over five years with Fenomenal Funds, and on the future for feminist funding models, to advocate for new approaches to philanthropic funding that strengthen the resilience and flexibility of women’s funds worldwide.