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Gender Analysis of The Iraq-Public Sector Modernisation (I-PSM)

The Iraq-Public Sector Modernization programme (I-PSM), a multi-agency UN joint programme, supports the Government of Iraq and regional Government of Kurdistan to modernize the public sector and build effective, efficient, and responsive public administrations. KIT provided support and gender analysis to help I-PSM achieve its goals.

The I-PSM worked to develop an effective, efficient, and responsive public sector through an administration-wide reform strategy and pilot implementation in the three key service sectors of Health, Education and Water & Sanitation (WATSAN).

A gender review

KIT reviewed the I-PSM Programme Document from a gender perspective, redesigned the log frame to include gender indicators, and provided a gender analysis of three road maps for Health, Education and Water & Sanitation.

Issues revealed

The gender reviews identified a number of issues. These issues included: gendered gaps in formulating overall goals and policy objectives of the programme and sectors; the absence of gender differentiated analysis of needs, interests and impacts; and that gender equality outcomes were not reflected in the programme document, results framework and road maps.

We also found that although gender equality was an intent, it was not made operational by – for example – allocating resources to this aim. A key recommendation of the review was that resource allocation should:

The work done by KIT provided UNWomen with the rationale to develop a programme on Gender Responsive Budgeting as part of the I-PSM for the Kurdistan autonomous region of Iraq. KIT was contracted to implement a capacity building programme on GRB.The UNWomen Representative for Iraq wrote the following in appreciation of KIT’s work.

“I wanted to let you know that the work you did for UNWomen in Iraq on analysing the Iraqi Public Sector Modernisation programme has set a great standard for our work and for the future of the UN country team’s programmes in Iraq.  It was an excellent, thorough and easily digested piece of work which has allowed us to do our work in forwarding the women’s agenda in Iraq with greater clarity.” 
Frances Guy

Services delivered

  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment

  • Policy & Programme Design

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