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Mentoring NTRL Towards Accreditation

4 years (2011-2014)

The National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory (NTRL) of Benin is seeking accreditation from the World Health Organization to become a Supranational Reference Laboratory (ISO 15189) . Since 2011 KIT – itself already ISO 15189 accredited – has assisted the NTRL with the implementation of the quality management systems needed to achieve this goal.

Onsite and remote support

With funding from USAID through the TB CARE programme KIT has mentored Benin’s NTRL towards ISO 15189 accreditation. During this process a technical expert from KIT Biomedical Research has made three or four week-long visits per year to the NTRL.

During each site visit they have assessed the progress of the laboratory and set targets to be implemented before the next visit. KIT Biomedical Research has also been available to advise and consult remotely between visits.

The last steps of accreditation

The NTRL of Benin intends to apply for  accreditation this year. When this is approved the NTRL will be upgraded to Supranational Reference Laboratory (SRL) status by the World Health Organization (WHO) and become only the third laboratory of its kind in Africa.

Service delivered