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Review of the Danish Embassy Efforts to Improve Access to Credit Among SME Agribusinesses in Tanzania

This technical review was commissioned by DANIDA, Denmark’s development cooperation, and carried out in partnership with the Carnegie Consult of the Netherlands. It was designed to assess how the Private Agricultural Sector Support Trust (PASS) 
functioned and help the Embassy to decide on new financial commitments for the coming years.

Credit guarantee instrument

PASS is a credit guarantee instrument to help SME agribusinesses and farmers in Tanzania gain access to credit through banks, financial institutions or MFIs. The objective of the technical review was also to analyse how and in what ways PASS could further improve its performance for the remaining 18 months of its business plan, bearing in mind its current goals and objectives, and to provide future strategic advice.

PASS, though businesslike in its approach, has not neglected its developmental principles and supports women in business and agriculture in particular. Youth as an additional under-serviced group was proposed by the technical review team.

Services delivered