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Smart Water for Agriculture in Kenya

Water management in agriculture remains a serious challenge in Kenya. Around 90 percent of the country is arid or semi-arid land and it has highly variable rainfall patterns. A growing number of water-intensive economic and agricultural activities are also exacerbating these conditions.

Download the new publication: Lessons on Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for Farmer-Led Irrigation Development

Investing in smart water solutions

At the same time, the country houses immense opportunities for irrigation and agricultural water storage. But only 12% (1,342 million ha) of this land was developed by the end of 2013. There is a significant need to invest in smart water solutions for agriculture in order to realise this irrigation potential.

Market-led water management for farmers

KIT Royal Tropical Institute, together with its partners, is helping to increase water productivity, income and food security by developing climate-smart and market-led ‘smart water’ solutions. 

By promoting market-led water management solutions, 20,000 farmers will increase their water productivity. This will assure their access to water for agricultural production and increase their income. It will also increase food security and improve their resilience to climate change. There is a strong focus on women, aiming at at least 50% of the farmers.

The project’s publication Accelerating Farmer-led Irrigation Development moves away from the usual suggestions of big-investment, big-development to address irrigation issues. Instead, it covers a new model where farmers themselves develop their water use for agriculture.

The second edition of the companion publication the ‘Smart Farmers Guide’ (2019) is also available.

Irrigation Acceleration Platforms

Within the program, KIT focuses on the facilitation and establishment of Irrigation Acceleration Platforms. These platforms facilitate collaboration between farmers, suppliers and other stakeholders. They provide a place where supply and demand meet and interact, and where innovation will be supported to more adequately satisfy the needs of farmers.

Furthermore, the program focuses on:

Services delivered

  • Training, Coaching & Education

    KIT Royal Tropical Institute provides tailor-made training to clients such as educational and research institutes, NGOs and local or national governments and ministries across the globe. Our programmes are specifically designed to address the unique objectives and capacities of the requesting organisation.

  • Applied research

    KIT Royal Tropical Institute addresses development challenges at local, regional and global levels through research that generates new insights and knowledge in our areas of expertise: health, sustainable economic development and gender.

  • Knowledge management

    Development and research organisations are often so focused on achieving their objectives that they find it difficult to create time to look back, analyse and learn from what they experienced and share their results.