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The Annona Sustainable Investment Fund

Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America
Since 2009

The Annona Sustainable Investment Fund (ASIF) was founded in 2009 by SPF Beheer and KIT. ASIF is a Venture Capital Fund that invests in small and medium enterprises in Africa and Latin America with a view to enhancing sustainable development.

Balancing interests

Although profit is seen as a necessary condition for long term sustainability, ASIF’s holistic approach goes further than standard risk-return assessment.

ASIF takes responsibility for balancing the interests of shareholders and financiers with the sustainable development of local economies through generating employment opportunities and developing market links. Poverty alleviation remains the primary objective.

KIT advisers have assisted:

 Investments in practice

The fund now has a number of institutional parties among its investors and strategic co-operation agreements with banks and other funds.

By October 2013 Annona had invested in seven companies in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ghana and Mozambique. A book was published on early lessons learned with ASIF on impact investment.

Services delivered

  • Project Implementation

    KIT has more than 80 experts specialising in public health systems, epidemiology, sexual and reproductive health and rights, agricultural innovation, food value-chains, gender relations, and inclusive finance. The combination of this content expertise and process-related skills not only leads to better projects, it also builds competencies in project design, implementation and management. We build on our clients’ own resources and knowledge, mission and values and ensure that our advice is aligned with existing initiatives, has policy relevance, and is adapted to the local context. With extensive experience and practical involvement in projects and programmes worldwide, we tailor our project support to your needs, the context you are working in and the partners with whom you are working. Our approach is practical and based on action learning. This allows you to yield the highest possible impact with your investments. 

  • Policy & Programme Design

    KIT operates at the intersection of theory and practice and between policy and implementation, translating good intentions into meaningful social and economic impact. Our professional staff combine expertise in specific content areas with the ability to offer a diverse suite of advisory services, including policy and programme design and implementation. This experience enables our advisors to navigate sustainable development processes and identify elements that can make a difference in programme performance. We help governments, organisations and businesses to learn from their experiences, improve practice, and maximize the impact of their interventions. With the knowledge we share, public and private investors are better equipped to identify the investments that yield highest economic and social impact. 

  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment