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UNDP Agribusiness Supplier Development Program

Starting in Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa
Development phase finished – Implementation phase started
12 months (first phase)

KIT Royal Tropical Institute is assisting the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to help smallholder farmers and SME agribusinesses improve productivity in sub-Saharan Africa by improving sustainable business links with lead firms.

Sustainable sourcing can contribute to the local economic development of suppliers, small and medium enterprises (SME) and their communities. However, leading firms are not able to succeed on their own, and various methods of support can be instrumental in their success.

Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme (ASDP)

ASDPs are intended to improve the productivity of smallholder farmers and SME agribusinesses by facilitating capacity building (training, advice, access to inputs, organisation, standardisation etc.) and linking up with lead firms. Sustainability and inclusion, especially of women and the young, play an important role. An ASDP is funded both by public partners (governments, donors, NGOs) and private business.

KIT’s toolkit for establishing successful ASDPs

Through desk research, interviews and pilot studies KIT has produced a toolkit which explains the various components of the programme. This provides the frameworks and methodologies for developing and implementing an ASDP, and generates commitments from within the national government and forges links between partners, beneficiaries and service suppliers.

A complementary training manual was developed and validated by KIT during a workshop in which eleven African countries participated. As a result of the workshop we piloted ASDPs in Angola, Nigeria and Kenya and are proposing the programme in new countries such as Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia.

The toolkit and training can be found at the UNDP website 

Services delivered

  • Policy & Programme Design

    KIT Royal Tropical Institute operates at the intersection of theory and practice and between policy and implementation, translating good intentions into meaningful social and economic impact.

  • Applied research

    KIT Royal Tropical Institute addresses development challenges at local, regional and global levels through research that generates new insights and knowledge in our areas of expertise: health, sustainable economic development and gender.

  • Knowledge management

    Development and research organisations are often so focused on achieving their objectives that they find it difficult to create time to look back, analyse and learn from what they experienced and share their results.

  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment

  • Training, Coaching & Education

    KIT Royal Tropical Institute provides tailor-made training to clients such as educational and research institutes, NGOs and local or national governments and ministries across the globe. Our programmes are specifically designed to address the unique objectives and capacities of the requesting organisation.