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West Africa Gender Inclusive Citizenship Programme (WAGIC)

The KIT gender team initiated and implemented the West Africa Gender Inclusive Citizenship Program (WAGIC) in partnership with seven local women’s and human rights organisations in Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. The participatory action-research programme promoted gender inclusive citizenship and better access for women to social, political and economic rights.

The realisation of gender inclusion through participatory action-research

The programme utilised a hands-on, rights-based approach to enable women and duty bearers to bring about positive change in their respective countries. Focusing on poverty-stricken areas where the socio-political context is variably democratic, and Islam is the principal religion, WAGIC facilitated gender inclusion by providing:

Results and lessons learned

WAGIC succeeded in empowering local women to build their voice and increase their consciousness about their rights, and to engage society in realising these rights. The project shed light on what gender inclusive citizenship means as a practice, what can be achieved when it is promoted, and the role participatory action-research can play.

Results and lessons learned have been documented and published in English and French.


Services delivered

  • Project Implementation

    KIT has more than 80 experts specialising in public health systems, epidemiology, sexual and reproductive health and rights, agricultural innovation, food value-chains, gender relations, and inclusive finance. The combination of this content expertise and process-related skills not only leads to better projects, it also builds competencies in project design, implementation and management. We build on our clients’ own resources and knowledge, mission and values and ensure that our advice is aligned with existing initiatives, has policy relevance, and is adapted to the local context. With extensive experience and practical involvement in projects and programmes worldwide, we tailor our project support to your needs, the context you are working in and the partners with whom you are working. Our approach is practical and based on action learning. This allows you to yield the highest possible impact with your investments.