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Annual review of Child Protection Fund 2018


The purpose of this project was to review progress of the Child Protection Fund that supports the National Plan of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children over the last 12 month, with a particular focus on the National Case Management System.


The review found that there is wide appreciation of the case management system and its systematic approach in districts visited. The formalisation and national roll-out of the NCMS has led to increased cooperation between government and civil society actors and real results for children and families. The district child protection committee structure and joint case conferences facilitate increased cooperation between social welfare and NGOs and also – but to a somewhat lesser extent – with the ministry of education and the ministry of health. Through this structure, cases are jointly addressed, referrals improved, local trends analysed, and action to address these trends, discussed. The case management system has also made good progress in facilitating the identification of cases of child abuse as well as welfare issues through different channels. As a result, the number of children assisted through the NCMS, both in relation to statutory cases and non-statutory cases, has increased significantly in the past few years. Services in relation to sexual abuse, one of the most frequently mentioned forms of child abuse, seem to be very much focused on having the perpetrator go to court and avoiding that the victim gets HIV by ensuring PEP within 72 hours. Less attention is placed on avoiding or timely terminating pregnancy in such cases and the provision of social and emotional support including through providing guidance to those around the abused person.

Lessons learned

In addition to learning from the findings above, through extensive notes during/following home visits, a few interesting case studies could be developed which were highly appreciated. Worthwhile to place a stronger focus on collecting such information during next assignments.


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