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Cash and Voucher Assistance – Literature Review

B Tolboom, A Mandroiu, A Griekspoor, C Alay Llamas, F Maldonado, M Boboeva, O Onvlee, R Khosla, Y Moor

Evidence and feasibility of cash and voucher assistance (CVA) for sexual and reproductive health services in humanitarian emergencies.

There is limited evidence about the effectiveness and feasibility of CVA, and about its overall effect on SRHR outcomes, particularly in humanitarian settings. Therefore, there is a need to consolidate existing evidence around CVA for SRHR services, document current practices, and discuss the findings with key actors, with the aim of defining its potential role in the planning and provision of SRHR services in humanitarian settings.

This literature review describes the effects of CVA on access to and utilisation of SRHR services in humanitarian settings and describes operational and contextual factors influencing the implementation and results obtained by CVA interventions in humanitarian settings.