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Country strategy South Sudan


Analysis of the current situation and future possibilities and needs for Sida to engage in South Sudan in the area of SRHR.


Most important recommendations for Sida are:

  1. Make contraception information and services available, accessible, inclusive and youth friendly (for married and unmarried adolescents, women and men).
  2. Address GBV, with a focus on strengthening the SGBV response and changing attitudes towards child marriage
  3. Reinforce maternal health care services, addressing access and quality issues, including improved post-abortion care

Lessons learned

Most women and girls in South Sudan and refugees in other neighbouring countries do not have access to contraception. Addressing this will impact on the SRHR of the population and can potentially reduce maternal mortality drastically. This is the reason we suggest this focus as a matter of priority.

Secondly, because of the disastrous impact on the health, the rights and the dignity of survivors of SGBV, and considering the current response does not nearly cover the needs, we suggest that reinforcing the efforts by humanitarian and development actors to strengthen the response to SGBV to be a priority. Changing the attitude towards child marriage will require prolonged community engagement at various levels, with the need to develop localised strategies.

Thirdly, as availability, accessibility, affordability, acceptability and quality of maternal health services, including BEMONC and CEMONC as well as ANC, including PMTCT, and post-abortion care still show major shortfalls, this would be a third priority area of intervention.


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