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Education and Empowerment over Marriage: Key drivers of Child Marriage in Eastern and Western Provinces in Zambia, and how they can be addressed

Hannah Kabelka, Maryse Kok, Pam Baatsen
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Child marriage, defined as a legal or informal union between two people before one or both of them turn 18 years old, is a practice that is proportionately affects girls and is linked to several unfavourable health, developmental, familial and social outcomes (1). Eastern and Southern Africa are home to over 50 million child brides, and with 1.8 million, Zambia has one of the highest child marriage rates in the world (2). While the median age at first marriage is 19.1 years among women and 24.4 years among men aged 25-49, 29% of women aged 20-24 have been married before the age of 18 in Zambia (3).

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