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Evaluation of Danish bilateral assistance to health 1988-1997

This report concerns the first overall evaluation of Danish bilateral assistance to health. It covers a ten-year period (1988-1997) involving over 400 health interventions and over DKK four billion in support. The main objective of the evaluation was: “to compile relevant ‘lessons learned’ in order to improve the quality of Danish bilateral interventions in the field of health and contribute to the strengthening of health care systems and improved health care status in the developing countries.” During the period evaluated Danida shifted its policy from project to sector programme support. A major focus of the evaluation was directed towards this policy shift.

Service delivered

  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment

    Monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment are powerful tools to assess health, social, and economic impact. They allow us to learn what works and why. Our expertise and track record in these areas make us well-equipped to evaluate your work.