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Gender data analysis Bangladesh


Support the GNSPU unit in the development of indicators to assess the gender equity status of the health system in Bangladesh


A theoretical background was developed in order to have a checklist for the characteristics of gender sensitive indicators and a situational analysis and stakeholder interviews were conducted to find out the most important issues in the context of Bangladesh. These issues identified were categorized according to the WHO health system building blocks and examples are lack of waiting areas for women in health facilities (service delivery); health workers violence against women (health workforce); lack of gender equity related resources from the government (governance). Based on these findings stakeholder developed a set of about 37 key indicators during a 2 day workshop.

Lessons learned

Due to the need for a participatory approach (and the theoretical foundation at the start) the implementation of the assignment take more time than was initially anticipated in the ToR.

As a next step, the GNSPU unit needs to start collecting data for the various indicators in order to make an assessment of the gender equity status of the health system in Bangladesh. Support from KIT for this process was requested.


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