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Going for governance

G. Baltissen, P. Penninkhoff, R. Bymolt, J.H.M. Sluijs, R Mur, F. Zaal, P. Zwanikken, Thea Hilhorts, E. Sondorp, E. Lodenstein
Publication year

Lessons learned from advisory interventions by the Royal Tropical Institute

Governance is important in every aspect of sustainable development, as it affects guidance, processes, consistent management, cohesive policies, accountability mechanisms and the right to decide on particular areas of responsibility. This is equally true of all types of organisation, regardless of their purpose and motivation (such as for common goods or individual benefits, profit or not-for-profit) and whether a single individual, a group of people, a community, local government, university or research centre, an enterprise, ministry or even all of humanity is involved.