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Health surveillance assistants as intermediates between the community and health sector in Malawi: exploring how relationships influence performance

M. Kok, I. Namakhoma, L. Nyirenda, K. Chikaphupha, J.E.W Broerse, M. Dieleman, M. Taegtmeyer, S. Theobald

There is increasing global interest in how best to support the role of community health workers (CHWs) in building bridges between communities and the health sector. CHWs’ intermediary position means that interpersonal relationships are an important factor shaping CHW performance. This study aimed to obtain in-depth insight into the facilitators of and barriers to interpersonal relationships between health surveillance assistants (HSAs) and actors in the community and health sector in hard-to-reach settings in two districts in Malawi, in order to inform policy and practice on optimizing HSA performance.

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