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Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program: Impact Evaluation Ghana

Executive Summary

This report presents the findings of an impact evaluation of the Lindt & Sprüngli (L&S) Farming Program in Ghana carried out by KIT Royal Tropical Institute in 2019. Based on quantitative and qualitative methods, the evaluation covered a variety of topics in line with the program’s Theory of Change. To track change over time, KIT compared cocoa farming households from ‘old verified societies’ that entered the L&S Farming Program in season 2013/2014, with cocoa farming households from ‘new societies’ that entered in season 2017/2018.

In total, 1,002 households were surveyed in Western Region North and Western Region in March 2019. Thirty-two focus group discussions with farmers and twenty-one key informant interviews, for example with staff from Implementation Partner of the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program in Ghana, complemented the data collection.