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Mapping of SRHR and migration actors in Eastern and Southern Africa


The purpose of this project was to conduct a mapping of regional actors in the SADC and EAC who work on SRHR and migrant populations, provide information about these actors (name, size, budget, partners etc) and an assessment of their relevant work and potential to work as a future partner for Sida.


Through an internet search and self-administered questionnaire the mapping identified 25 actors that fulfilled the criteria. In Eastern Africa there is a bigger focus on displaced persons , while in Southern Africa labor migrants are the larger target group. Policy & advocacy and Capacity building are the main activities, followed by research, education, increasing access and service delivery. Topics that get most attention are HIV/AIDS, sexual violence and maternal & newborn health. Many of the identified organisations were already partner of Sida. Recommendations were made for some potential new partners.

Lessons learned

There are hardly any organizations who work on SRHR and migrants specifically. Some SRHR organization have projects that target migrants and refugee-oriented organizations cover SRHR in some of their programs. Eventhough, this information is not always found online. So often it would require additional information from an organization to find out what relevant work they are actually doing. Therefore the questionnaire was of value, but with a low response rate. Organisations in general were difficult to reach.


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