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Mental Health teaching and research in primary care: Portfolio of Inspiring Practices in Psychosocial Care

Elaine Rabello, Raquel T. de Lima, Eduardo Caron, Amanda L. Leal, Heloisa P. Martins, Augusto C. R. Ferreira

In this article, we discuss the working process of the research, the participatory and collaborative methodology for the construction of the website for expanded use in Care.

Teaching and Research in the fields of Mental Health Primary Care, which we titled ‘Portfolio of Inspiring Practices in Psychosocial care’, as well as the ongoing actions for its shared management. The whole research analyzed, systematized and categorized practices in primary care and community spaces, building search engines and scientific dissemination for innovative and inspiring experiences throughout the country, in the period from 2015 to 2020. The website gives visibility and relevance to the psychosocial approaches of reception, care and enhancement of life present in the Unified Health System. Alternative experiences to the biomedical model, the basis for an interdisciplinary and deinstitutionalizing perspective of Mental Health in Primary Care.

Download: Ensino e pesquisa em saúde mental na atenção básica: Portfólio de Práticas Inspiradoras em Atenção Psicossocial