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Patient safety in childbirth care: what is discussed in Facebook groups?

Elaine Rabello, Vanessa C.F.L Villar, Juliana L.S.Q Rodrigues, Monica Martins
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Patient safety in childbirth care is a current topic on the agendas of discussion about the quality of maternal and child care around the world. This qualitative study sought to discuss the adverse events in childbirth care and its contributing factors, as perceived by patients and family members, using data collected from posts in Facebook groups. A total of 55 posts related to childbirth care made in September and October 2019 underwent content analysis.

The findings were classified into two categories: (i) adverse events, including infant, fetal and maternal death, hemorrhages, infections, neurological lesions, surgery-related problems and use of medications; and (ii) contributing factors such as delay in care, diagnosis or treatment, obstetric violence, misdiagnosis and patient identification. Digital media platforms can be legitimate spaces for debating and opining on health-related issues, including those about the quality of obstetric care. Valuing patients’ perceptions, whether from these or other sources, is fundamental, but requires the involvement of institutional and professional leaders to operationalize strategies that facilitate the early identification of risk factors, and enable the diagnosis and implementation of timely appropriate treatment with the active participation of patients and families. n the reduction of hospital stay, which is so impactful on the functional condition of the elderly.

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