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Regional Markets for Local Development

F. Zaal, R. Bymolt, A. van Tilburg, J.H.M. Sluijs, J. Belt
Publication year

Smallholder engagement with agribusiness in practice

This publication outlines an alternative route to achieving sustainable economic development and food security in developing areas. Rather than on high-value, niche export markets for tropical products which attract a lot of attention, we want to focus on local and regional commodity markets. It is our intention to show how important these markets are for smallholders, and how vibrant and well-functioning markets can improve food security for both smallholder families and consumers at the regional and national level. Through several illustrative cases, this book highlights how various organisations are working to improve smallholder access to local and regional markets. They seek to realise this by helping farmers achieve higher productivity and production volumes as well as by working to improve marketing and provide stable economic development based on local conditions. The stories of small-scale producers are embedded in a theoretical framework, and by combining theoretical analysis and practical know-how, we aim to demonstrate the real potential of these ‘regional markets’ for promoting sustainable economic development and food security.

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